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How long is the flight?

Flights are normally around 45 minutes but may be longer or shorter depending upon weather conditions and availability of landings sites.

What time is the flight?

Flights operate daily at sunrise year-round.

What should I wear?

Please dress in casual comfortable clothing. A hat and sunglasses are nice to have. In cooler weather, a jacket. No open toe shoes, please.

How far will we fly?

Every flight is different and we are at the whim of Mother Nature. A typical flight is approximately five to seven miles in distance.

What if I’m afraid of heights?

There is no sensation of height in a balloon due to the lack of perspective. When you stand atop a tall building, you feel the height because you have something to judge the height against. We are more like an airplane. When you look out the window, it just scenery passing by!

What about motion sickness?

Never! The balloon travels with the wind, so there is no turbulence.

Are balloon pilots regulated?

Balloon pilots are required to hold a commercial pilot’s license from the FAA to conduct passenger rides for hire. The balloons are registered like any other aircraft and are subject to an FAA inspection every 100 hours of operation.

Why is the basket made of wicker?

Many other materials have been experimented with over the years. However, wicker has proven to still be the best. It is strong, lightweight and flexible.

What type of fuel is used?

The balloons burners are fueled by liquid propane gas. (LPG) It is exactly the same fuel used in BBQ grills.

How high will we fly?

Every flight is different depending upon wind/weather conditions. A typical flight is anywhere between tree-top and 5000 feet above ground.

Are there any health restrictions?

All participants should be in good general health. Recent surgeries, casts, poor general health, or pregnant women are not allowed.

How do we get back?

Your balloon is followed by a chase van and crew who are in contact by radio with the balloon. They will rendezvous with us at landing.

How tall are the balloons?

Balloons vary in size from 60 feet to over 100 feet tall.

Will I see the sunrise from the balloon flight?

No, we launch shortly after the sun has already risen.

I heard that we will drive around looking for a launch site. Why don’t you pick one in advance?

We are at the mercy of the wind since we have no engine, propeller or steering wheel. Especially in a major metropolitan area like Phoenix, we need to choose a launch site where the winds will lead us to a good and safe landing area with abundant open space. We obtain a weather briefing and check numerous weather sites for the most up-to-date conditions but the fact remains that weather is not an exact science. Mother Nature will do what she wants to do!

The winds will typically change as the sun rises and heats the surface of the Earth and may be quite different than what we saw just 15 minutes earlier. We may stop at several places to check the winds to help determine the best launch site for your flight. We have been flying for over 30 years and there is no shortcut to this process. It is all part of the ballooning experience.

What happens if my flight is cancelled due to unacceptable weather conditions?

If you have a voucher or gift certificate, we will extend the validity for one full year and you may choose a new date from our on-line calendar. If you have paid us directly, you may re-schedule for any future date or request a full refund.

What is included In my ride package?

An approximate 45 minute scenic flight (subject to weather and availability of suitable landing areas), a sit-down champagne breakfast upon landing, traditional balloonist’s ceremony, a first flight certificate and all applicable taxes and fees.

How old must children be to participate?

Children must be at least six years of age due to insurance regulations.


Effective beginning 5/12/23 New meeting location!

Arizona Balloon Safaris

Meeting at the Fry's Marketplace Shopping Center,

2800 W. Dove Valley Rd.,

Phoenix, AZ 85085

Phone. 480-502-7640

Email. rlong@arizonaballoonsafaris.com

We meet in the parking lot near the Fry's fuel station. Look for two Ford vans and a Ram truck with 30' trailer.